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Native Bee™ is an award-winning natural skincare, inspired by the Australian native stingless bees. 


The products are specially formulated and carefully crafted by hand to provide the highest quality and attention to detail. By making them in small batches, we can ensure that each product meets our strict standards for effectiveness and purity. 


We believe that handmade skincare allows us to create a truly unique and personalised experience for our customers.

With every purchase on our website, you support Save The Bees Australia.

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Our Story

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Meet Simona, the skincare magician and Meliponist (stingless beekeeper), dedicated to raising Australian native stingless bees with love and sustainability in mind.


Her beekeeping philosophy is: 'Let the bees thrive naturally'. She is about that sweet spot where intuition and sustainability meet, ensuring her bee colonies are healthy, happy, and self-sustaining without excessive human interference.

She has a deep appreciation for the environment around her, finding solace and peace in the beauty of nature. Whether it was spending time with the bees in the tranquil outdoors, she felt a profound connection to the natural world. This intimate bond with nature brought her joy and inspired her to share this feeling through her unique natural products.

After completing her studies at the university, she successfully finished her natural skincare program and embarked on her skincare journey. A few years later, she became a Meliponist and discovered the incredible qualities of Australian propolis. She started infusing the precious propolis in high-quality organic oils, making it perfect for mature, dry, and sensitive skin. After seeing amazing results through the trials, she found the perfect balance, et voilà, Native Bee skincare was born.


Connect with us on Instagram @nativebeeau to watch our journey.

australian native stingless bee
Native Bee Hive
Our Propolis

Australian Native Stingless Bee Propolis

Propolis is an amazing natural substance that consists of wax and a wide range of natural resins, essential oils and plant juices, which the bees collect from their surroundings. Resins are most often collected from eucalyptus, tea trees and pine trees, so you can imagine how beautiful the scent is.

Propolis is used by the Australian native stingless bees to sanitise their hives, preserve their honey and build their nest. Only a small amount of propolis is produced (up to 200g per hive each year), making this ingredient very rare.


Compared to honey bees, these tropical stingless bees collect propolis ingredients from a much wider range of plants, and have a more diverse use of applications in the beehives. This diversity potentially provides a stronger and more comprehensive spectrum of beneficial properties. These properties result in a darker shade of propolis, compared to honey bee propolis.


You can learn more about stingless bees here.

australian native stingless bee
Propolis extraction is a complex process.
Processing propolis
Ethically harvested propolis
Propolis cleaning
Gentle infusion
after 1 year
1 day
up to 3 months
2 days
Final product

Native Bee skincare is carefully handcrafted in small batches to ensure the highest quality for each product. The propolis is harvested sustainably from our Australian native stingless bees kept in wooden hives, and then slowly and gently dissolved in high-quality organic oil to keep all the beneficial properties.

Protecting our bee populations and species diversity is more important than ever, and we are thankful to all who support us in this mission. 

Native Bee Hive detail
australian native stingless bee
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Did you know?

Our tropical species of bees don't have a sting. 

When they need to defend themselves, they bite. 


They grow to a size of 4 mm. Thanks to this, they can gently pollinate various fragile flowers of plants and trees. They are excellent pollinators on macadamia farms. 


Approximately 10,000 bees live in one colony. 


One hive of native stingless bees produces only 1 kg of honey a year; a hive of honey bees will produce up to 50 kg.

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