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  • How do I support bees by buying Native Bee skincare?
    The more $ we earn, the more beehives we can buy from local beekeepers. More beehives = more bees for our planet. With every purchase from our website, you support Save The Bees Australia, local beekeepers and our bees ♥ Protecting our bee populations and species diversity is more important than ever, and we are thankful to all who support us in this mission.
  • Why skincare with Australian native stingless bee Propolis?
    Propolis is one of nature's most powerful compounds. Its mixture of a wax, wide range of natural resins, essential oils, plant juices, and antioxidants are beneficial for your skin. Resins are most often derived from eucalyptus, tea tree and pine trees, so you can imagine how beautiful the scent is. We make our 100% natural and organic skincare with the precious Australian native stingless bee Propolis. Only small amounts are produced, making this ingredient very special. The propolis is harvested sustainably from our bees kept in wooden hives, and dissolved in high-quality organic oils.
  • Are Native Bee skincare products Organic?
    Each Native Bee skincare product that is labelled 'organic', meets the requirements for organic certification. That means: - The product is all natural and contains at least 95% certified organic ingredients - The ingredients come from certified organic operators - The product satisfies the requirements of the National Standard for Organic and Bio-Dynamic Produce
  • Are your products cruelty-free?
    Of course! We love animals so much that we would never test on them. Our practices focus on the health of the bees above all else. We live with our bees in harmony and are grateful for all nature's ingredients we can use and share with you. The propolis is harvested ethically and sustainably from our Australian native stingless bees. The colony is not harmed due to our special equipment and procedure. Thanks to our customers, we can increase the population of Australian native bees, and maintain the hives ♥
  • Which product has the highest concentration of Propolis?
    Pure 100% Propolis Extract has the highest concentration of Propolis, therefore you should be careful and use only small amount on your skin. Then it is (in descending order): Propolis Oil, Propolis Balm and Propolis Soaps. Always patch test before use.
  • Why are your formulations all about natural oils and butters?
    Skincare products are only as good as the ingredients used to create them. Each natural oil and butter lend unique properties to the finished product. Our formulations are only about natural extracts, organic oils and butters that naturally contain vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids. Native Bee skincare is proudly made from scratch and 'not white labelled'. To keep our products in high organic quality, we don't use water in our formulations. In skincare products, water is one of the cheapest ingredients but allows for mould, bacteria, and fungal growth. To keep this from happening, cosmetic companies must add preservatives to their product. Otherwise, the product is a breeding ground for these microorganisms which puts your health at risk. Natural oils and butters have a thick, nourishing consistency and can help lock in moisture. Essential fatty acids in particular can protect against moisture loss and help to prevent the signs of aging, and since oils and butters are naturally derived, skin sensitivities are extremely rare.
  • Do Native Bee skincare products contain preservatives?
    Each Native Bee skincare product is carefully formulated by our certified specialist, and contains antioxidants that make the products safe and stable. To keep our products in organic quality, our formulations do not contain water, therefore they do not require any additional preservatives. Tip: A product that uses preservatives can be easily identified by looking at the ingredient label. If they’re not listed, simply look to see if the ingredient list includes water. If so, there must be preservatives added. What are you willing to put on your body's largest organ - the skin? Do your research to determine what you will and will not accept in your skincare products.
  • What's the difference between European Bee and Australian Bee propolis?
    Australian native stingless bees are using propolis to sanitise the hive, preserve the honey and build their nest. They collect propolis ingredients from a much wider range of plants and it has a much wider application in beehives, compared to European honey bees. This diversity provides a stronger and more comprehensive spectrum of beneficial properties. The sign of these properties is a darker shade of propolis, compared to honey bee propolis.
  • Can I use oil when I have an oily skin, or during the summer?
    We understand that using face oil on oily skin sounds paradoxical, but face oils are one of the best treatments for any skin type – including oily skin. All Native Bee skincare products are formulated to provide a non-greasy after-feel and leave a dewy hydrated glow on your skin. Ultra-lightweight oil can help balance your oil production without leaving behind a greasy residue. It’s the top choice for mimicking your skin’s own sebum. This similarity can essentially fool our bodies into producing less oil, meaning less chance for breakouts. Lighter, drier oils are easy to wear in the summer. The nourishment, hydration and protection pure plant oils offer are beneficial regardless of the season. Tip: Because pure plant oils are so full of goodness, your skin only needs a small amount. If you have an oily residue on your skin, you’re probably using too much.
  • Where are your products made?
    All our products are carefully formulated by certified specialist and handcrafted in small batches in Queensland, Australia. Native Bee skincare is proudly 'Australian Made and Owned' certified.
  • Can I sell Native Bee skincare products at my store?
    For wholesale inquiries, please contact us at .
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