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Would you like to experience a 'Powerful Propolis' from our Australian native stingless bees?


Try Native Bee™ Pure Propolis Extract.


SUITABLE FOR all skin types. High-performance alcohol-free extract in cosmetic grade. Perfect for all your skin woes. Can be used for most skin conditions and imperfections.


Propolis is an amazing natural substance that consists of wax and a wide range of natural resins, essential oils and plant juices, which the bees collect from their surroundings. Resins are most often collected from eucalyptus, tea tree and pine trees.


Our Propolis is harvested sustainably from our Australian native stingless bees kept in wooden hives, and then gently processed and slowly dissolved in high-quality organic oil to keep all the beneficial properties.


NO silicones, parabens, PEGs, sulphates (SLS/SLES), GMOs, mineral oils, petrolatum, palm oil, artificial fillers, synthetic colours and fragrances.

NO animal testing.


Every purchase from this website supports Save The Bees Australia.

Pure Propolis Extract

  • Pure 100% Propolis extract from Australian native stingless bees packed in an amber vial.


    Unscented for the real Australian Propolis experience.


    Amber-coloured glass help prevent light oxidation and protects against UV rays.



    2mL vial - Use the plastic applicator (or your fingertip) to apply a thin layer of the extract on the skin imperfections.

    10 / 15 mL roll-on - Apply in light circular movements directly on your skin.


    2mL =  approx. 6 pumps

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