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Artisan moisturising soap bars

Wouldn’t it be good if you get your hands moisturised every time you wash them without additional application of moisturiser? How would it feel if you get free from the worry of harsh chemicals used in synthetic soaps? What comfort would it bring that your bath soap – a frequently used entity, a daily item – is made of purely natural and skin-friendly ingredients that are nourishing in nature?

Well, needless to mention that everyone wants all these qualities in their cleansing agents. After all who doesn’t want their skin to be beautified and appear bright and young? To materialize this idea, Native Bee skincare has uniquely designed natural soaps to replenish moisture after your frequent hand washing.

Native Bee handcrafted soap bars have been designed around the idea of promoting premium skincare using exclusively organic and toxin-free ingredients. One of our finest ingredients is Propolis, extracted from the Australian native bees that is proven to offer multitudinous skin benefits. Owing to its supreme nourishing and hydrating characteristics, it is considered anti-aging that prevents premature aging. Along with its age-defying quality, Propolis improves skin tone, texture, and integrity. Thus, its greatness has been utilized in making Artisan soap bars that are dually effective, i.e. for efficient cleansing and moisturisation.

A variety of soaps have been developed with different ingredients, all-natural and skin protecting in nature, such as Unrefined Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Honey, Seawater, and beautifying Australian Natural Clays. All soap bars are richly infused with Natural Glycerin that acts as a powerful humectant and prevents moisture evaporation by locking it inside the skin. The inclusion of plant oils with at least 5% super fat gently cleanses the skin from all the impurities and leaves the skin soft, supple, and protected.

The idea was originated to prevent drying of hands from repeated hand washing (the need of the hour owing to pandemic), while also adding a layer of moisture over the skin. These handcrafted glycerinated bars are safe to use as bathing soaps because they are unlikely to cause any buildup of toxins in the body even after daily use. These exclusively handmade bars are free from synthetic chemicals, preservatives, sulphates, synthetic colourants, and fragrances.

Native Bee Australian skincare range is designed to revitalize the trends of incorporating old and time-tested natural ingredients for promoting healthy skincare. Our artisan soaps have been prepared with premium-grade essential oils naturally extracted from plants. Our products are sustainable, cruelty-free, and are designed in completely earth-friendly processes. We believe that everything you put on your skin matters – and plays an important role in your comfort, confidence, and overall wellbeing. Thus, we strive to maintain quality standards in offering organic care entirely based on natural ingredients that can foster your happiness and impart beauty from within.


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