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Native Bee Skincare - the winner of the Organic Beauty Awards

In this age of advancing technologies and saturated markets of synthetic beauty products, Native Bee skincare is promoting safe and healthy skincare rituals by offering exclusively organic products. We are proud to mention that our Organic Face Oil has been awarded Editor’s Choice Award 2021 and Organic Beauty Award 2021 (read more). It has been in the limelight owing to its supreme anti-aging and hydrating qualities. Being infused with organically derived Propolis (from Australian native bees) and devoid of synthetic chemicals, it is offering marvelous benefits for dry, dull and aging skin.

Likewise, another great achievement is the Eco-Choice award for the Best Clean brand. Not to mention that these winning moments are backed by consistent efforts to maintain excellent quality products that produce long-lasting results without causing any harmful effects. Native bee is a premium organic skincare brand that fosters healthy caring behaviors using natural products. Being based on naturally extracted substances, our mission is to provide you with the utmost comfortable experience and everlasting beauty. Our Native Bee skincare range targets more than just outer beauty and thereby strives to provide purely organic, non-toxic, and safe products for everyone.

It is very important that we promote small businesses that create healthy skincare patterns and are based on environmental-friendly processes from the extraction of raw substances till the final packaging. Only then we will be able to bring a massive positive change in our everyday skincare habits.

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